Journalling Away

Journalling Away

The digital portfolio brief has inspired me to put pen to paper and begin a new studio journal for the year. I love my journals. The journalling habit I cemented in 2012 has really stuck. I now don’t dare leave the house with out a note book in tow.

Generally I tend to scrawl a cornucopia of notes .. largely conceptually orientated ones… the digital portfolio has thus far sparked questions as to the area of personal identity.
In fact I have suffered something of an identity crisis over the past few weeks… no surprises there…

Some key concerns/questions the digital portfolio has inspired me to consider are :

– The relationship between the individual and elements of branding .

– individual’s whose identity is linked to a brand
ie. Karen Walker

– The fact relationship between the multifaceted nature of human existence and the often fixed/limited/consistent dimensions of brands slash portfolios

– Do you need to edit yourself for the public profile ?

– What do I want to achieve with a public profile?

– Alias.

– Audience.

– The web as a medium for promotion/experimentation.

-Authenticity and its relationship with “success”.

– Do we want to sell something or be something?

– Where do I fit on the corporate scale..

– Corporate web language / identity vs. Individual intellectual identity.

– Web Dialogue and its various forms /classes/languages.

– Branding Identity and how the web portfolio fits into this process.

– Getting out of the ” my name is … and this is my picture” genre . Seriously there is nothing more patronizing. Please grow up.

– Issues with developing a web identity before we have time to consider/develop a brand/personal identity

– How do creative practitioners navigate the corporate/personal identity crisis…

All in all I am surprised and inspired by the amount of questioning this brief has inspired me to do. Certainly looking forward to the development of this process…


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