#meeting – Melissa McMahon Circulate / Trash Footwear

#meeting - Melissa McMahon Circulate / Trash Footwear

30th April 2013

Scheduled a convenient coffee catch up with Melissa McMahon last Tuesday. Melissa and I have been in rather frequent email contact about all things creative ,waste and guerilla related since I approached her about collaborating on our Guerrilla Brief. It was nice to eventually put a face to the name. Even if that did involve a little moment of awkwardly staring around the cafe trying to match a face to my mental record of her facebook profile pictures which I had stealthily taken the time to peruse before leaving home.

We enjoyed a lovely cup of coffee at the fantastic Alleluya Cafe in St Kevins Arcade. Conversation was rather full on ,turns out we have A LOT of mutual interests. We did manage to focus our creative mind-fest (eventually) and came up with some great ideas for driving the Arcane project forward. Melissa also shared her experiences with negotiating the set up of her organization ,Circulate, which is also finding its feet . It was really helpful to discuss common issues / obstacles we have encountered in our creative process.

Some key points we discussed around the Arcane /Guerilla Play project are as follows :

– Developing Letter Stamps – using metal stamps to punch our name into old tetra pack containers

– The way in which the guerrilla quotient of our brief links well with up-cycling as an ideology

– Setting up contacts for resource recovery . – Melissa is working on where we can come up with a tonne of plastic bags . – The recycle centre near raglan could be an option.

– Setting up a studio visit when Melissa is next in Auckland. She is super keen to meet the rest of our team and experience the Co-Lab Environment.

– The fact that Melissa also studied at AUT last year on the postgrad. diploma of Graphic Design and hence knows our lecture, Gerbrand / “G” . She agrees he will be a great resource in getting our project off the ground.

– The use of magnets as a display tool as metal is an easily source-able background for display

– The type of aesthetic achievable with waste, The notion of a “found” aesthetic.

– Pop Up Dining Auckland as a potential collaborator / advisor . Melissa’s friends who are behind a dumpster diving initiative we heard about recently and a another great initiative which centers around using all the kitchens in Auckland which are in-active after hours for Pop -Up Dining Events .

– Common conceptual ideologies which surround NFP enterprises and Charity type work

– The process of creating media hype / presence and touch-points to do this. Melissa is happy to share her graphic design knowledge and work with us to develop solutions for Arcane.

-Setting up a community to involve in development of our project. Melissa agreed with G’s suggestion that pitching to the design literate ,start-up /entreprenuerial community would be a good idea. Jade Tang from Creative Mornings would definitely be a great person to start with. Melissa recommends taking a tape recorder to a meeting with Jade as she is very inspiring and has lots of valuable ideas.

– Collaboration with All Good Organics and Kokako for the Cafe idea .- Melissa seconded that the people behind these companies are passionate and definitely worth knowing.

– Food Carts as a great way to go for the cafe idea.
Di Fuller is a renowned designer who did a similar Honesty Box project. It is totally AWESOME.

– The great stuff happening at trash stores around NZ such as Raglan’s Kahu’s nest

Another very productive and inspiring meeting. Yay!
Our next step in collaborating with Melissa is for our team to develop a description of the role we would like her to take in collaborating with us and to set up a time for a studio meeting.

Looking forward to seeing where this process takes us .




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