Notes from “Sound in Context “

SOUND – Documentary

somewhere between concert and gallery context

art world needs to evolve to point where it realises has always had sonic literacy

it would be a shame if sound  artists pandered to galleries

site specific context

creating new environments for sound art

peter kuhn -leeds

reconsider public space

codification -genres – gallery context /music context

Codification sound not solidified yet

reaction to commodity

Economies sound work and visual art completely different

How can you make sound pay? (galleries)

Developing a new economy

Economy of music in general is in free fall


gudy pahl  example

commodifcation is bad ?

Frieze Art Fair

Desperate galleries selling to rich people

Huge divide language visual art /sound art

subverting hierarchy looking /hearing

modernist practice mode – experimental

histographical  context

17th cent ?

Italian futurists heralded as beginning sound art

Art world has moved on and accepted Marcel Duchamp

Music world can’t get its head around John Cage

cultural resonances of various aspects of senses

it is not this limited thing called “sound art”

Long complex history

danger could become marginalised wing of art world

Underdog status

Tate – shows

Sound Art Title – Desire for discussion among artists

Far beyond trend

not new at all

sound is a phenomenon – problematic as ephemeral /immaterial

70s art practice is valid

contemporary sound art speaks a similar language

participation community dialogue

Audio Culture


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