So this wee journey with sound  began rather a few weeks ago now along with the beginning of Semester .

As is somewhat typical of my practice I have been enthralled and engaged by this journey ,yet have some how failed to document this process in a consecutive/sequential pattern .    I shall now attempt to gather my notes and wits about me as I present a diatribe on the experience.

This sound investigation stems from the Emerging Practices Paper I am engaged in as an elective . Led by Clinton Watkins,  Prolific Auckland Sound Artist , it aims to explore the complex / wondrous  field of creative practice which is emerging around Sound.  Whilst also equipping us newbies with some fundamental recording /editing and mastering skill sets.

The Process  essentially covers four mini projects :

Project 1 – Sound recording
Project 2 – Sound editing & manipulation
Project 3 – Sound composing & mixing
Project 4 – Sound mastering and output

We have lived in the vain hope that by the end of the course we may produce something vaguely as polished as some of these pieces…




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