Exploration ..

In exploring what types of sound I may like to record….

I stumbled across a phenomenon that totally captivates me.

The fact that our ears filter sound.

It may appear obvious.

But its rather amazing. Really it is. We have complex mechanisms on our heads. In-built hard wear. Its overwhelming.

I’ve always been interested in variation when it comes to seeing colour / visual experiences . I always wanted to experience how animals truly see , and to question scientific assumptions about different types of eyes. I mean how do we know what our golden retriever sees?

Also the variation of colour vision available in the human eye and synesthesia . so cool.

The idea that you our I hear sound completely differently begs for investigation.

Also I think it would be cool to some  how record exactly what you hear …in your head. Or to produce some sort of contraption that emulates hearing through our bones.

I am interested in environmental /documentary / site specific /chance elements of sound…./sound that happens to us as we go about our business. The hum of the day . The internalisation of sensory experience.

Also I have access to a horse. paddocks and farm stuff.

Could provide interesting recording material.

Discussed both with Clinton , He recommended investing in some Contact Mics and hiring  Shot gun Mics.  Probably should get onto this . Still.



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