Our sound practice began with a bit of discussion about sound and the assumptions we have around it.

I enjoyed the concept we discussed around re-training ourselves to hear and engage with the sounds we usually filter out.

Some interesting examples of experimental sound were also shared.

I was intrigued to find that there is such a rich depth of history to this field .

I was also compelled by the underground,almost secretive ,eclectic nature of the dialogue that exists around experimental sound.

The lack of formal histo-graphical documentation of this area also captured my imagination.

This inspired the academic in me to become more engaged with the writing/classification of sound practice.

I ventured to loan what some view as the biblical text of this field  Douglas Khan’s ,’Noise, Water ,Meat ‘ from the AUT library.

It is rather captivating and is still adorning my book shelf .

Admittedly I haven’t got very far into it ,but I grab snippets every now and then, rather comforting to have it around.

The title captures my curiosity as does Kahn’s examination of the role sound plays in orchestrating our visual experience.


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