Why Emerging Practices ?

When choosing my electives this year  the key factors I considered were the nature of the project and the lecturer in charge.

I thoroughly enjoyed Clinton’s teaching / facilitation in our first year  Collage /Sound Project. I found the structure of assessment to be very useful as a framework and rather inline with the intuitive nature of my practice. Earlier in first year I had struggled to actually realise or to begin making. The process driven highly tangible elements of our collage project bounced me out of this funk. Essentially I operate from an artists perspective , thinking through making /explorative drawing are right up my street . So naturally  Emerging Practices had my name all over it. The more fringe the better, less rules more scope. Thank you kindly.

I remember exclaiming to James ( another lecturer)  My ecstasy in realising that taking Emerging Practices would be like ” doing Studio all the time !!!!!”

I like studio.

Especially when I get to work on my own ideas. I’m a really a reclusive artist at heart.

At times all this collaboration interferes with my thoughts. drives me scatty. makes me want to run and hide.

Emerging Practices  is a pleasant relief. I even get to wear headphones. In class.




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