In discussion around theories and philosophies of technology , also regarding the definition of the Bachelor of Creative Technologies programme , the point was made that these two ideas are often polarized amongst creative disciplines.
It was observed that Engineering operates in a problem solving historical type framework while the arts/art are more interested in the setting/observation of problems. Working in a way that bridges these two often polarized approaches provides for interesting conceptual depth / tension in works. The role / definition of “problem solving” and the connotations of such a term interest me.

What are we fixing? Does it need fixing? Is fixing rather narrow a focus ? Is fixing negative ? Lets acknowledge the inherent beauty available and focus on building positively.
plant a tree nurture it ,water your flowers, grow your own food, hone your craft ,make something fantastic, change something in your community , invent an awe inspiring machine ,go opensource,care, do the little things . shut up. Or I suppose we could hold another symposium on how to save the planet whilst fuelling our selves with the ideals /products of industrialisation / mass production /deforestation / fossil fuels . nom nom nom tasty tasty “progress”.


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