Specialist Generalists

Specialist Generalists

“If people ask what your specialisation is tell them you are a generalist ” Charles

In discussing the nature of BCT and the social response to the nature of this degree, we encountered the territory of specialisation.
In this highly specialised world many people find the concept of our broad inter-disciplinary practice hard to understand. Many panic at the lack of “expertise” or “specialised knowledge “.
I enjoyed the perspective Charles presents in response to this . Explain our positioning in modern societal frameworks as as role of facilitators ,communicators and co-ordinators between the highly specialised professions that dominate our world.
Also I think it is very important to note that this type of practice is not presented as a total alternative to the current model. We are not advocating a total revolution. “Not everyone is going to do this” . We aim to exist in the gaps between disciplines.


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