#note to reader

just as a little side note. this blog is intended to be part of a reflective process /diatribe on my practice. While elements of reflective practice drive this blog I have made a deliberate decision to not merely engage in formalised reflectional diatribe. sometimes i find such forced introspection to be rather fabricated. Especially when it is produced under the context of university assessment. i appreciate the value of introspection /reflection deeply and so am aiming to develop a process which allows this practice to communicate / transform/inspire /express as authentically as possible. sometimes i feel this integral part of practice is cheapened by the means we choose to represent it by. quite frankly i am bored to death of such stoic writing and  immaturity.it all ends up sounding rather precocious . a little like this post.  rather than conceptualising / corroborating my thoughts and organising or transposing them into / onto a expected almost 3rd person narrational style I am aiming to provide a window into my mental ramblings.  I also am challenging my self to develop a manner of reflective process out side of my visual diary ,which happens naturally and becomes a daily occurrence rather than a chore left to the last minute before hand in.

It may not be quite so eloquent but honesty shall be preserved. forgive me the grammar. forgive me the punctuation.. forgive me the structure.  forgive me the the order . this is a work in progress. 


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