Simon Devitt

“While this genre appears quite specific, it offers me the broadest possible view on the world; landscapes, the built environment and people are all treated with the same democratic eye.”

“I have not trained in architecture, and I taught myself photography. I capture what I see not only as ‘an outsider looking in’ but as an outsider ‘exposing’ beauty in situations where inherent beauty might be present but not articulated as a dramatic moment, or series of dramatic moments. Translating reality to two dimensions produces a medium of pure perception.

Beauty to me is infinite in its complexities and exquisite in its simplicity. Two of the complexities I love are decisive moments and decay.

Decay to me offers the most compelling aspect of beauty; time has to have played out, a space has to have been lived in, or used to a degree that the original intention of the design becomes a part of the person or people, and vice versa.

Mostly the appetite in the magazine world is for newness and a fresh perspective on design, which reveals other aspects of beauty. I’d love to revisit some of these places in ten years to see how they look.”


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