Post two. This is not coming any easier than the last. Still have many reserves about writing in this way. Unedited,unscripted,no contrived intent.Just verbatim documentary, as it comes. Forgive me if I see saw between being overtly obtuse and intensely diaristic. I am not sure I have quote found the middle ground. In all honest, I am coming to believe that I have ,through mimicry, satisfied all past engagements required of me,hidden behind writerly tricks and essentially convinced the general population of my competency . To this date I have been proficient in both my practice and my life though I am not sure how present I have actually been. Or perhaps more accurately, how holistically present I have been.  I am talented at assuming an appropriate tone,judging what suits a genre and crafting a concise brand story . Yet, when it comes to my  writing in my own complete personal voice. I am petrified of it. Do I even have one? of course I do. Am I prepared to share it with you? I am not sure. Over the years I have come to realise that I am an extremely multi-faceted individual. I have a vast propensity for passion and am passionate about rather a lot of things. I have actively sought to follow// accost this multitude of passions and in doing so have become rather deeply involved with a multiplicity of often seemingly contradictory facets of my identity. Essentially what this paper has challenged me to do is to have the sheer guts and honesty to own and home these facets of identity as pillars in my overarching way of being/life + creative process. I am comfortable with all the facets of my identity in isolation. Though the implications and management of their co-existence terrifies me somewhat.Perhaps the ideology of Barbie and her multiplicity of outfits and occupations permeated my consciousness a little too much in childhood . Or perhaps I am just being over analytical. Either way,I have come to realise this project is about me accepting and owning my identity as multi-faceted human being.



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