I have been trucking along. Putting in the hours, juggling the necessities of sleep,food,studio practice, internship ,class times as best I know how/ am learning how. However I am becoming very aware of the value of an accurate awareness of one’s own efficiency. The difference between spending 2 and 5 hours on something has drastic ramifications to further contingent plans. Feeling like I am constantly underestimating then immensity of tasks at hand. Super frustrating when naivety and lack of process knowledge spoils the best laid plans. Finally triumph over my exceeding propensity for procrastination.. Then bam! What I allowed two hours for requires six. At least I have been reassured my peers are in the same boat. We collaboratively lamented our shared inefficiency during a rather pleasant studio session today. Looming deadlines and the diligence of our particular studio group has drastically improved my enjoyment of and engagement in the studio space. Hallelujah! We have achieved an iota of focus! -Something which no doubt is laRgely attributed to Maggie’s consistent prodding and valiant vigil for substance.- Working in a determined collaborative community is actually proving to be liberating, affirming and most importantly generative. This sort of support makes ones utterly deluded sense of personal efficiency exceedingly easier to bear. Determined to break through this liminal zone of creative maturity and emerge with confidence , well – articulated accessible artefacts, practical , rigorous methodologies and empowered sense of self. It’s
starting to happen…. I just have to keep banging on the ceiling.

Fallacies of planning


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