In other news I am loving this app called f.lux. Adjusts the lighting tone of your device relative to the surroundings and time of day.. Certainly a wee bit easier on the eye … Just check out that warm fuzzy glow …


Film yo





Been having a bit of a laugh looking at our families collection of film cameras. Reminiscing about the days when electric zoom was a major innovation and terms like “all weather” and “focus free” were apparently high tech. Perhaps the highlight was the word art on the panorama camera … Very 90s chic … Sweet cameras tho. Definitely keen to get in on some film based action…



Sitting in the backseat of Dad’s car heading north for the long weekend and munching on some green and black’s 85 % dark (“Real” )chocolate whilst being serenaded by the sweet sounds of David Bowie and Ziggy Stardust …

It’s been rather a whirlwind of a week, the last few days have certainly passed in a tornado of activity. The 6th of June is drawing rapidly nearer…I await with a sense of trepidation, anxiety, optimism, excitement, and of course a substantial helping of self doubt and sheer terror. Ultimately though I feel like a kid on the night before ‘show and tell’: I’ve got this awesome thing I am really excited about it and I can’t wait to show you! Better yet I made it myself and I really hope you like it too and want to talk to me about it. A lot because you know ? It’s really pretty awesome. I am so glad and actually utterly surprised that I have got to this point. This project has required me to challenge myself to practice, communicate and articulate myself in such a way that has enabled me to grow significantly. It’s safe to say that my perceptions of myself , my practice, art, research, maturity, communication, participation, my self confidence, professionalism, mindfulness, my world view and self awareness, have all been changed greatly in this process. The ramifications while somewhat probing, terrifying, overwhelming and devastating are in essence positive, progressive and awe – inspiring. I have been through the ringer, and come out the other side with renewed self belief, a sense of validation, a voracious appetite to rise to the occasion and assert myself / make myself heard/ fulfil my role/calling/path as an artist/human/being, to
Communicate and share. Oh and to give myself a whalloping great kick up the ass to achieve all this.

Home now. Gotta go pat the dog. More introspection soon. ❤


6 days out from mid year exhibition deadline. Mood: exhausted , optimistic ,terrified, emotionally haggard, enlightened, inspired, depressed, confident, resolute, introspective, flippant, whimsical, delusional, assertive, excited, philosophical, spritual ….
In short pandemonium ensues.


Been doing a bit of work developing a content ecosystem to communicate my practice. Content certainly is king. Had a good chat to Julian ( Colleague @ about the pros and cons of utlising WordPress to build and maximise the web // blog integration side of things. Definitely all for avoiding re-inventing the wheel when it comes to coding. Julian articulated that WordPress is really the premium choice for establishing a solid springboard for hosting a dynamic array of content. Throughout my extensive deliberations around my personal content ecosystem I have repeatedly arrived at the realisation that I need a springboard type mouldable frame on which to hang a rather diverse array of content. It was great to have this insight validated by someone with a fairly extensive amount of experience in the area.

Over and over in many different contexts I am realising the importance of using a platform as exactly that. A platform. Content is the driver. Platforms are a facilitator.