Website looking a little sharper…









Been doing a bit of work developing a content ecosystem to communicate my practice. Content certainly is king. Had a good chat to Julian ( Colleague @ about the pros and cons of utlising WordPress to build and maximise the web // blog integration side of things. Definitely all for avoiding re-inventing the wheel when it comes to coding. Julian articulated that WordPress is really the premium choice for establishing a solid springboard for hosting a dynamic array of content. Throughout my extensive deliberations around my personal content ecosystem I have repeatedly arrived at the realisation that I need a springboard type mouldable frame on which to hang a rather diverse array of content. It was great to have this insight validated by someone with a fairly extensive amount of experience in the area.

Over and over in many different contexts I am realising the importance of using a platform as exactly that. A platform. Content is the driver. Platforms are a facilitator.